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Chris on September 18, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Hi Cate!

Our product does work well for chipmunks, if used correctly! If you would like some tips, please feel free to call our office at 800-PEST-ZAP. The two most important details are “bait strategy” and keeping the product clean and dry. Please remember that Raticators are not designed to be used outside in locations that are excessively wet. Good luck! We look forward to your updates…

Best Regards,

Chris, COO

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What we did..and how we found the Raticator.

We by GODS Grace stumbled on a small company that had a unit called the Ratzapper that they said was the greatest Rodent Trap ever invented.

Because it was so different as Bob Noe the inventor explained to us in the 'beginning days' and we had this Rat problem, we were willing to listen.

We got one or two in (Ratzappers in those days) and well let me tell you, did it clean up our problem - real fast.

We then asked "what would it take to be a distributor" seeing that most in USA never heard of it (at that time) and none in Canada where we were.

So the rest is history, we Paris Group Inc. have the exclusive rights to what is now called Raticator S-Plus and Raticator Max V2 and Raticator with Blue Tooth and Rodent Tracker. (that is saying a lot)

We handle all the marketing and distribution here in Canada as well as the warranty issues. We are allowed to Distribute the Raticator in the United States (and around the world) as well. Our units are 100% made in USA and carry the proper warranties for each country. If you purchase a Raticator from us in Canada - well we look after the warranty here. And if you purchase a Raticator from us in the United States, then we offer full US warranty to you as well and ship out to you directly from the manufacturing plant in USA. (nothing gets more like home cooking than that).

We have tons of stories, and testimonies some from the beginning Ratzapper days up and until now.  Keep in mind the original Ratzapper is now the upgraded Raticator S-Plus, Raticator Max V2 and Raticator with Blue Tooth. Please, Please Please don't get confused with knock off products that either have no warranty (zero) or are made in other countries or are old models not being supported anymore.

Our Patents and recognition.

The Raticator is in a constant state of being tweaked and improved. How do you improve on something great - well you listen to your customers and keep tweaking it so that it is perfect (and we are really really getting close). See what some current media has said about our amazing Raticator (which solves your Rat and Mouse Problems)

Best Sell because a lesson was learned.

Over the years, we've sold the original Ratzapper and now Raticator S-Plus and Raticator Max V2 to all kinds of professionals and both large and small orders - but it wasn't until we sold a couple to the US military in Afganhastan a few years ago and what this Captain told me, did we ever really learn!

The problem is they don't have a very good record, because often the work for 1 or a couple but then stop working. And that isn't even the worst of it, try setting these traps, trying dealing with a rat partly caught in a rat-trap and it is fighting and squealing for its life! Or worse, the poisons cause the rodent to hemorrhage, often leaking blood between floor boards or dripping through ceilings. Not trying to gross anyone out, but these were the problems and supposed solutions - and we were fed up, freaked out and distraught about "dealing" with the rodent and growing numbers ...now rodents.

"... compared the Rat Zapper to other methods 
of rodent elimination finding the Rat Zapper 
superior in performance... the Rat Zapper is 
also more humane than other methods of 
rodent control" 

Jeff Ball
Horticultural Advisor
NBC's Today Show

Disgusting Rat Problems


Cate on September 18, 2015 at 1:56 pm

We just purchased the ‘Raticator’. We have a real problem with chipmunks. I read the tips about bigger rodents and thought chipmunks were about the same size as a medium rat. I’m hoping it will work well. We humanely trap them in NJ and take them far away, but our trailer in the country is inundated with them. I think they are the main cause of the musty animal smell in the trailer. i’ll let you know how it works. Fingers crossed…

Toronto 647.660.8880   Montreal 514.504.2334    Vancouver 604.259.2424 

I never realized how great my fear of rodents was until I spotted one scurrying around my small New York studio apartment. For over a month and a half, I used traditional mouse traps, baited 
sticky boards, mice cubes - nothing worked.

After spotting the freaky little thing one afternoon ON TOP OF MY KITCHEN COUNTER, 
I was at my wits end. I purchased the raticator and within 24  hours my unwanted roommate was caught!

Thank you so much 
for this product!

Because of it, I have my life back.

Jessica The Ratslayer


Quality means not having a problem with your Raticator, in the first place.

Because we refuse to have Raticator made off shore (just to make more $$) and insist that it has the "Made In USA" label on each unit - is because we WANT quality. Each unit is 100% made in USA. And is Tested both in USA and Canada for our Canadian customers - that is Quality to us!

The Raticator The Very Best In Rodent Elimination, and we will prove it. (period)