Jim on December 19, 2015 at 8:30 pm

"I love our Raticator Plus zappers. I live in an old farm house & we constantly have a rodent problem (at least before I got the Raticators). In the 2 years since I got them, I have killed probably 200+ mice and 1 thing that looked like a 6″ ferret. (We don’t have any pets that look like that.)
I am disappointed with your website though. It’s time to clean the Raticators & put them in service for another year. I’m disappointed because I could not find the procedure for cleaning them on the website. I ended up doing a web search and found the procedure on a competitor’s web site.
Thanks for a great product. Adding a FAQ about cleaning would be a great help for everyone."

Toronto (Main)  647.660.8880   Montreal   514.504.2334    Vancouver   604.259.2424 

Toronto  647.660.8880   Montreal   514.504.2334    Vancouver   604.259.2424 

​​More Raticator Tips and Ideas and FAQ here

Rodent Behavior

It is important to recognize subtle behavioral differences between rats and mice. Generally speaking, rats are extremely wary, whereas mice tend to be more curious. These traits have a significant impact as to how rodents approach the Raticator.

If you have rats it can take a few days before they decide to explore what’s inside the Raticator. Be patient, if they’re attracted to what is inside, the red indicator LED will eventually blink.

Tip For Larger Rodents

The primary issue with trapping bigger rodents is that they have large claws that do not conduct electricity. Large rats for example can enter the unit and not get zapped because only their claws contact the kill plates. One trick that helps is adding moisture by placing a wet rag or folded wet paper towel just outside the entrance of the Raticator. This is an effective way to help create better contact with the plates. We call it a wet welcome mat.

Searching around we found all the methods that you all know so very well. Spring Traps, Poisons, Live Catch Cages and Sticky Pads.

Email us for questions.

Alright so you have a Raticator, Great! It’s the best rodent control system out there. So what is the best method of getting rid of those pests that have been harassing you?

The good news is that Raticator is very effective and simple to use, you basically insert a new set of batteries (high quality alkaline is recommended), bait it, turn it on and check back when the red LED flashes to signal a humane kill.

Pretty easy right? What we’ll focus on in this post are the details and tips that we have discovered to help maximize the potential of your Raticator.

Eliminate Free Food

Before you set out the trap, eliminating the rodent’s current food source is key in the war against rodents; if they are able to keep feeding freely they will be less likely to enter the trap. Seal up pet food bags and/or livestock feed, inspect pantry areas for open food containers or holes in bags, ensure garbage cans are sealed and clean up any dropped or spilled food. This will significantly increase your chances of trapping rodents. 

                How to Catch A Rat or Mouse                     (inside the Raticator)

Before the Raticator we had the original product called Ratzapper.

​War in Afghanistan around 2003 we got an email from a Captain in the US army stationed in Afghanistan, and he wanted a couple Ratzappers. 

We didn't even know how to ship a couple Ratzappers to Afghanistan and this was even harder, it was during a WAR!  But the Captain wanted them because the rats were getting into his clean uniform and it was making a mess. During his free time, he found us online and ordered.

But it is what he said that really helped us going ahead in selling what was then Ratzapper and is now Raticator S Plus or Raticator Max V2 and this is what he said, and when you read it, we think it will help you too...

Captain (emailing us) "....you see when you try to win a war, you have to not only eliminate the enemy but you have to take out roadways and bridges and stop them from getting around..."

Now he was talking about real enemies, but I was thinking our enemy are these rodents - this messing mice and dirty rats!

Then it dawned on me....we have everything needed for our customers to stop the enemy (rodents/rats/mice).

We needed something that can eliminate the enemy?

Answer: Raticator

We needed something that tells us where the rodents are moving and how they are getting in and out?

Answer: Rodent Tracker

I thanked the Captain for his simple but structured advise and new this was the one-two punch needed for home owners and business owners to start winning the war against these relentless rodents.

The Rodent Tracker shows you where they are coming and going.

The Radicator kills them on contact - eliminating them fast.

So, we wrapped up a couple Ratzappers and shipped them to a very postal friendly zip code in NY city and within a couple days, the Captain wrote us and thanked us as he not only got the units but had killed his first rat!

And I will never forget the lesson learned from a US Captain stationed in a war torn Afghanistan during that time.

Rodent Tracker

What To Use For Bait

Bait strategy is important in attracting and dispatching rodents. We recommend using what the rodent is currently eating as the first bait that you use and experimenting with other baits to see what they like. Examples of bait rodents love include pet food, scrambled eggs, peanut butter and, believe it or not, orange peel. Of course any wet bait should be put in a plastic bottle cap or something similar.

Where To Place Raticator

Rodents typically have a path that they travel frequently and more times than not it is next to a wall. Rats especially have a highly developed sense of touch, hearing and smell, but poor vision. They prefer running along walls where they can keep their whiskers and guard hairs in contact. Therefore we recommend placing the unit along a wall in the rodent’s path –identifying a path can be as simple as looking for dirty smudges around holes in walls or passages, gnawed items, partially eaten food, droppings and, of course, sightings of rats and mice.

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What this U.S. Captain showed us ....taught us about selling the Raticator line.