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These Raticators and products may seem "new" to you, but they have been around for almost 20 years and although the product has been 'tweaked' and upgraded over the years, it just keeps getting better.

First the Ratzapper

Then the Raticator Plus or Max

Now the Raticator S-Plus or the larger Raticator Max V2​ and soon coming Raticator S-Plus with Bluetooth.

Don't settle for knock off's - yes I don't have to tell you that the best get 'knocked off'.  And don't settle for product sold that isn't from the exclusive distributor who handles the warranty issues. (like us)

If you find "knock offs" for Ratzapper or Raticator (our original products that we don't manufacture anymore). Or you don't see the "Raticator S-Plus" or "Raticator Max V2" .  Or the company selling doesn't have a phone number or worse a USA & Canadian Office/Warehouse.

Then you are most likely not getting what you are paying for! Buy from us the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Raticator and if you are in the States, we will send yours out from the actual manufacturers warehouse with full warranty too! All Sales in USA and Canada with full manufactures' blessing and warranty and support.  There is nothing better  - believe me!

The Newest Raticator with Blue Tooth Capability - This is the Best In Rat and Mouse Killing

Rodent Tracker

Not electronic at all.

Doesn't kill one rodent either - ever.

So, what does the Rodent Tracker do?

It shows you where the rats or mice or rodent is coming into your house or business. Often we see the mess and droppings the rodents make, but don't know how they are actually getting in?

The Rodent Tracker is the ONLY product available with the ability to track using the same police tracking dust used in law enforcement. Showing you the path where the rodents are coming in and going out. Can be used indoor and outdoors and doesn't need batteries but batteries are required for the UV flashlight which comes in your Rodent Tracker kit.

The Fastest and MOST Humane way of killing rodents. (period)   No Blood and Never Any Mess, it is not only Humane but clean and easy to dispose of. You will be amazed and glad you purchased a Raticator.

Raticator In Newsweek
Raticator in International Business Times

Raticator S-Plus

All of our Raticators are rodent killing machines - there is really nothing like them. This unit is our base model. Kills rats & mice (also other rodents) on contact. Solid State Electronics. Never touch a dead rodent again. No blood or guts. Humane and clean and always delivers a knock out blow!

These rodents are in your home and it is so stressful that they 'get in your head' as well. Raticators always work! Better than spring traps and sticky pads and rat poison. Put cutting edge electronics and a ten plus year track record to work for you! Order now!

Raticator S-Plus gets up to 50 humane rat or mouse kills on 4 AA batteries.Up to 1 year in standby mode.

Toronto (main) 647.660.8880   Montreal 514.504.2334    Vancouver 604.259.2424 

Raticator On Yahoo News

Toronto 647.660.8880   Montreal 514.504.2334    Vancouver 604.259.2424 

Raticator's Promise

  • Always works (if its correctly set-up)
  • Nothing kills rats and mice faster
  • Always Humane & No Blood or Mess
  • Rodents don't "learn" so continual kills
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No Messy Spring Traps
  • No Deadly Poisons, nothing like it!
  • Tons of Testimony on its effectiveness
  • No Other Rodent Product Kills On Impact

Video Story - on CNBC

The Raticator Infrared Max was on the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush! Melody from Team Dakota demonstrated how the Raticator works and said that it saved her from a mouse infestation at their Porcupine Creek camp.

Don't be fooled by 'knock-off's', these are the original and patented and ALL Made in USA

Allan on September 10, 2015 at 5:15 pm
"Placed the trap last night.
Saw the flashing red light this morning.
Dropped a heavy little monster that had be haunting my kitchen into the compost.
Will be recommending you product."

You've got a Rat or Mouse or Rodent Problems?

100% Solved Here! (and we mean it)

Talk To Experts!

Rats and Mice and all rodents are looking for warm and safe places to live, also with a supply of food and water - which our homes have (and business too).

We say the rats or mice get into your home but now they are getting into your head. You need weapons that always work and give you the power to gain control of our home or business. We've sold to countless home owners, restaurants, property management companies, farms, malls, the military, car-dealerships, factories, bakeries, schools and more...because it works!

When you click on Newsweek scroll down to Raticator.

The Raticator The Very Best In Rodent Elimination, and we will prove it. (period)

Our two types of Raticators (and one coming soon) and our Rodent Tracker

The Raticator Max v2

For those that want all that the Raticator S-Plus delivers and still want a little more. Then the Raticator Max V2 with our patented Infrared Detection System will certainly do the job and get rid of those rodents once and for all. (we know our units work because we have TONS of testimony over our 10 years of selling our units)  With the Raticator S-Plus the rodent crawls in and steps on a 'kill plate' in the unit which activates it & kills him on contact. (again no mess - ever) The upgraded Max here uses Infrared instead of the kill plate, so when the rat or mouse enters it breaks the beam and set the entire Raticator into kill mode. 

Bottom line

1) faster kills equals more kills

2) Raticator Max v2 gets up to 100 humane rat or mouse kills on 2 "D"batteries. Up to 1 year in standby mode.