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Tips and Tricks (to give you even more of an advantage with mice and rats)

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The Rodent (rats & mice primarily) killing machine - nothing is more humane & nothing is as clean & fast!

Features & Benefits of the Raticator Units

Kills both mice and rats with a quick but deadly electric shock
No blood, no gore - Never (and we mean - never) any mess.
The red light signals a catch – just tip the Raticator end over your garbage bag/bin and the dead rodent falls into it.  Your done, you just emptied it - it was that simple.
Use any desirable dry food as bait to attract the rodent (i.e. dry pet food)
More humane than traditional snap traps or glue boards (where the rodent dies over time, virtually never immediate like the Raticator).
No dangerous poisons to harm pets – safe for the environment
Great for use in homes, ranches, businesses and commercial applications
Raticators with Remote monitoring now available with the Blue Tooth Model.

(coming real soon)

* The Raticator Infrared Max can now boast 100% humane extermination of mice or rats if the rodent simply enters a Raticator Infrared Max with good batteries.

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Raticator Max V2 - With Infrared System Great for mice and rats with more kills.

Toronto 647.660.8880   Montreal 514.504.2334    Vancouver 604.259.2424 

Here’s How It Works!

The Raticator uses advanced electronic technology to deliver a deadly shock to mice and rats.

Simply bait the Raticator with virtually any desirable dry food product. When the rodent goes for the bait, the system senses its presence and then delivers enough electrical energy to quickly and humanely kill the rodent with no blood or gore. Dispose of the mouse, rat, or other rodent into an appropriate receptacle.


You’ll never have to touch a dead rat or mouse again.

Rodent Tracker - Finds How The  Rodents are coming in your house

Raticator SPlus - Our Base Model Good for mice and rats for sure.

Raticator with Blue Tooth - Coming Soon