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Raticator Max V2 - get your biggest and badest, infrared powered rodent killing machine here!

Raticator Max V2 - With Infrared System Great for mice and rats with more kills.

Toronto 647.660.8880   Montreal 514.504.2334    Vancouver 604.259.2424 

The Raticator Infrared Max v2 utilizes a revolutionary new infrared detecting system to sense the presence of the mouse, rat, or other rodent. A high tech delivery system, including stainless steel kill pads housed in an aesthetic plastic canister, now offers the customer a 100% humane kill rate with this model Raticator.

The Raticator Infrared Max v2 utilizes 4 “D” Cell Batteries (not included) which in standby mode will last approximately 1 year or provide over 100 kills per battery set. Red and Green indicator lights provide system alerts to the customer.

Simply bait the Raticator Infrared Max v2 with any dry food as an attractant to the rodent (dry pet food, trail mix, peanuts, etc.), turn the main switch on – wait 5 seconds – you will see a single green flash – the unit is now armed. When the rodent enters the Raticator Infrared Max v2 it will be humanely exterminated with a quick but deadly shock – no escapes.

Disposal is easy – just tip the Raticator Infrared Max v2 over an appropriate receptacle and you never have to touch or come in contact with a dead mouse or rat again. Simply re-bait the Raticator Infrared Max v2, place it in an active rodent area, and turn the main switch back on. It’s that easy and efficient.

With Infrared Detecting Technology

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The Rodent (rats & mice primarily) killing machine - nothing is more humane & nothing is as clean & fast!

This unit is the largest in our fleet of Raticators, taking on the biggest problem or if you have a need for the Raticator to be in a barn or garage or warehouse where it gets colder. These take the larger batteries 4 "D" ones for not only more punch but greater power when the temperature is not friendly. This is the biggest gun, go get all your mice and rats with this one - we aren't kidding, they all work and you will get results!

  1. Never touch a dead rat or mouse again, with the Raticator Max V2 you wont!
  2. Kills on contact, the rat or mouse wont see it coming and never learn, like inferior traps.
  3. ​Never any blood or mess or guts that is our promise (it is simple to clean -simple!)
  4. Takes the larger batteries, so although it costs more would run on a longer charge.
  5. Bigger overall unit, so go for the worst (or if you want more pop) bunch of rats or mice.
  6. Only unit of ours that uses Infrared Technology - what that means is like our base model Raticator S-Plus the rodent has to step on the 'kill plate' inside the unit to trigger the charge (and they do it regularly) but with this unit The Raticator Max V2 just like your TV remote, when the field is broken the rodent lie dead! (super fast).
  7. Don't use poisons and traps that only work once, go for the best and put the favor back in your hands...and sleep better knowing that!
  8. Lasts for many kills and comes with a Canadian Warranty and if you are in the US we can supply you with a US version with a warranty from the USA.
  9. Product Made in USA (doesn't get much better than that)
Don't Fall For Knock Off's - Made IN USA with Canadian Warranty

No Knock Off - Made IN USA & USA Warranty

Donna on December 27, 2015 at 12:26 pm

"I tried everything to try and kill mice in my house, including spending a lot with local pest control. Nothing worked! Every type of trap possible could not kill the mouse. Tried your product and have killed two mice already, within a couple of days. So pleased with the result!"

Nothing like it & for those wanting more guns in their fight! Because this packs a punch!

Be Warned!...There are knock-off's coming in from China. They look similar but are cheaper and with no warranty, they are NOT the original and NOT made in the United States like ours is!

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