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The Rodent (rats & mice primarily) killing machine - nothing is more humane & nothing is as clean & fast!

No Knock Off - 100% Made in USA with Canadian Warranty

Be warned!

There are similar "Knock Off's" coming in from China, that look but don't 'Act' the same as these original manufactured ones that are made 100% in the United States.

Raticator SPlus - Our Base Model Good for mice and rats for sure.

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Ships Fast From Canada

Ships Fast From USA

No Knock Off - 100% Made IN USA & USA Warranty

This is our base unit, but very potent Raticator S-Plus.

If you are dealing with a for sure mouse problem or perhaps some rats but don't know (mice/rats?) 100% - Then this Raticator S-Plus is what you need. It is the best costing (other units are more costly) and if you want results, and going after mice or maybe rats then look no further and purchase this level Raticator S-Plus right away.

  1. Lowest Cost of our family of Raticators
  2. Will do the job and runs on 4 "AA" batteries.
  3. Never touch a dead rat or mouse again.
  4. Kills on contact so no mess or guts or blood
  5. Mice or Rats never "learn" like they do on other traps and stop using, these they continually use.
  6. Lasts for many kills and comes with a Canadian Warranty and if you are in the US we can supply you with a US version with a warranty from the USA.
  7. Product Made in USA (doesn't get much better than that)

New electronics housed in a totally redesigned canister with added features and benefits. Performance includes 6 months battery life or approximately 50 rodents humanely exterminated.

Improved Electronics and Upgraded Shock-Delivery System
50 Humane Kills or 6 Months Standby Time
Uses 4 “AA” Batteries (Alkaline or Lithium* Required)
Newly Designed High-Gloss Canister

* Lithium batteries are recommended, and can nearly double the effective battery life of the S-Plus and Bluetooth S-Plus models.

Call one of our numbers below to place a credit card order over the phone. If we are not available, just leave a message and we will usually get back to you the same day.

Raticator S-PLUS  - get the benefits for the lowest cost!