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If you are Canadian and you wish the BlueTooth Version, simply use the US prices for now and we will ship to you with a Canadian Warranty.

Raticator with Blue Tooth - a rodent killing machine

Works like our base model Raticator S-Plus but with the advanced Blue Tooth Capability.

  • Never touch a dead rodent again - and we mean it!
  • Easy to clean, just tip the Raticator over your garbage and dump.
  • This Raticator with Blue Tooth, you can connect with 4 other (Raticator with Blue Tooth) to create a network for your large restaurant or warehouse or school.  These can then update you every time you have a kill. That way not having to 'check' each time, you can be notified and when the batteries get low (after many kills) you get a note in your smart phone for that too. Amazing technology and you will start to win the war over your rodent problem.

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No Knock Off - 100% Made IN USA & USA Warranty with Blue Tooth

Our Newest Raticator with Blue Tooth - nothing more complete in rodent control

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The Rodent (rats & mice primarily) killing machine - nothing is more humane & nothing is as clean & fast!

Now your S-Plus can report to your cell phone or other mobile device when you have success with your Raticator or even when your batteries run low. Great when you have placed your unit where you suspect rodents are present, but difficult to constantly monitor. Wonderful for residential, business, ranch, farm or restaurant environments.

Alerts You When the Trap Is Successful or Batteries Are Low
Ideal for Out of Sight or Hard to Reach Locations
Free App Works on iOS and Android Devices
Bluetooth Range – up to 100 Yards
Supports up to 5 Traps in a “Mesh” Network
Same Battery Life and Performance as the New S-Plus

* Lithium batteries are recommended, and can nearly double the effective battery life of the S-Plus and Bluetooth S-Plus models

Raticator with Blue Tooth - Coming Soon

Will send a message to your smart phone every time you get a kill! Can "Network" 5 Raticators together also!

Toronto 647.660.8880   Montreal 514.504.2334    Vancouver 604.259.2424